Say Goodbye To The Big Box Gym,

Welcome Home.

Bigger. Faster. Stronger.

Vibes Don’t Lie

Muscle Factory Gym offers a wide variety of equipment to help meet the needs of your fitness plan. Our affordable, community gym is operated by professional and knowledgeable staff, with independent certified personal trainers on site to give you the support you need to reach your goals.

Reardless of your athletic pursuit or personal style of fitness, if you believe in hard work and having fun, then Muscle Factory Gym should be your home!! We are NOT some casual fitness club! We are a GYM and proud of it. We don’t workout…we TRAIN!

The Experience

Members Only

We’re a privately owned gym and our members have 24/7 access to use the facility.

Training Environment

Here you’ll experience an energy where the members don’t just workout, they train.

Here For You

Regardless of your athletic pursuit, we have over 10+ independent coaches.

Top Tier Equipment

All the equipment you need to reach your fitness goals, because that’s what you deserve.

Personal Training

Here For You

Our personal trainers are independent contractors. What exactly does that mean? Great Question! It means some of the best trainers operate their own business out of our facility. This gives our members a huge amount of flexibility and choice and provides you with the best trainers in Arizona. Visit the Personal Training page to get to know & to contact our trainers.

Premium Facility

From powerlifting to glute training, we have you covered. Top of the line equipment from Hammer Strength, Legend, Arsenal, Elite FTS, Precor, Booty Builder and Torque.

Our gym includes a turf area, top-tier cardio equipment, free weights and a variety of strength machines.